Upoker Review: Function, List of Clubs, Deposit and Cashout Methods and More!

Upoker main image

Upoker main image

What is Upoker?

Upoker is the newest app to hit the Asian poker scene, and it’s a private game. The popularity of Upoker has exploded, not just in Asia but all over the world. Its user interface is designed to be intuitive for PPPoker veterans. Upoker, developed by Chinese programmers, follows in the footsteps of PPPoker by providing users with an intuitive interface, a solid backend, and comprehensive statistics for both themselves and their opponents.

For those of you who are just now learning about PPPoker, Poker Bros, or Upoker, have no fear; we’ve got you covered. To recap, Upoker’s stated mission is to “disrupt the traditional poker room – punter arrangement” prevalent in the online poker space. Bigger and better poker is their slogan, and it does sound like a pretty bold claim for the quality of their poker games.

Upoker background

Upoker is a mobile app that simulates a poker game with a closed pool of fake money. The company, The Optimizer Investments Limited, is responsible for Upoker app. The chips have no value and play is conducted through intermediaries on Upoker. On the other hand, there’s more to it than that!

At Upoker, we’re always on the lookout for new venues that offer exciting tournaments and cash games. Inquire about any recently opened Upoker clubs when you sign up. Upoker is an excellent starting point for those curious about mobile poker apps but accustomed to playing on larger online poker sites.

This is because our clubs host a wide variety of game formats to appeal to players of all preferences, and because the Upoker user interface makes switching between multiple tables a breeze. There is no reason to be left behind as the poker industry evolves and mobile poker becomes the norm.

Just how does it all function, then?

This Upoker review is structured like a question-and-answer session because the Upoker app isn’t like any other poker site. Let’s get this review started.

What’s Great about Upoker?

The maximum rake that can be charged by a club owner on Upoker is 5% capped at 3 Big Blinds. Compared to standard online poker sites, the games here are significantly easier, making this a fantastic value for the player.

Get the best rake back on Upoker by talking to your agent about it. To help you maximize your poker earnings, we work hard to get you the best rakeback deals available.

How does Upoker Works?

The way Upoker works is as follows.

Upoker is a site where you can play poker with friends or strangers from all over the world. Win or lose, Upoker does not promise you will receive any cash prizes. The service doesn’t do much beyond giving you access to a large number of players from all over the world and a cutting-edge poker interface. This will be addressed in subsequent chapters.

Here are the steps to take to be able to play at Upoker:

To begin, locate a trustworthy agent who manages a club or establish your own club and invite your friends to play.
Choose a convenient payment method for you and your Upoker agent.
After that, they will locate clubs for you to join, at which point you can initiate contact with the club’s staff and begin playing poker using your Upoker account.

Easy, right??

We’ll say it again: Upoker doesn’t offer anything for real money and won’t pay you out if you win. Your agent is responsible for weekly account settlements. The agents are compensated by the club owners, who receive funds from the Upoker unions.

Now, what is a Union?

Unions are formed when multiple agencies pool their players into a single larger club in the hopes of generating more competition. To sum it all up, Upoker’s central idea is that you can get to know the player pool fairly well and experience the intimacy of playing home games on your mobile device, be it an iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet.

Where can I find a Trusted Agent?

Our team here at CasinoOnlineTF is proud to have played online poker for years and won over thousands to millions of dollars in real money. Since we only represent the highest quality players in online poker, we have earned a stellar reputation as agents. We guarantee the lowest prices for Upoker and all of the other mobile poker apps and sites we recommend.

Deposit and Withdrawal methods

All financial dealings must be made through your Upoker agent rather than a cashier because you are not dealing with a real money poker operator. All you have to do is use one of the payment methods your agent accepts to send the required deposit amount to them. When you’re ready to play in a specific Upoker club, your agent will issue you chips worth the amount you deposited.

When you’re ready to cash out, just tell your agent how you’d like to be paid, and they’ll process your request. The standard settlement frequency is once per week. The weekly report your agent sends you can be compared to the data in the app.

Keep in mind that the value of your chips may vary depending on the club, but that they are always converted to USD or your local currency. Your Upoker agent will provide you with the chip value before you begin playing, making this a simple process.

List of Clubs of Upoker

If you don’t want to miss out on any of the action on Upoker, keeping track of all the different clubs that offer the game is a good idea.

Eagle Club

eagle club

If you’re looking for a great place to play Hold’em at low stakes or micro stakes, look no further than Eagle Club on Upoker. Eagle Club is affiliated with a Thai league, so most of your opponents will be from the Asian region. The club is busiest between the hours of 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. (GMT+8). The games are simple, so join in the Hold’em and Omaha action any time of the day or night!

Upoker Carioca

Upoker Carioca

The Upoker Carioca club is a lively organization in Brazil. Action-oriented PLO4 and PLO5 players will find plenty to keep them occupied at this club.

Poker Hero

poker hero

Poker Hero is an Asian poker club that began in Thailand. There is a wide variety of games available at the club, from multi-table tournaments and micro stakes to high-stakes HU No-Limit Hold’em and 5-card Omaha with blinds as high as 15/30 US dollars. All of the games, including Open Face Chinese Poker, are extremely popular at this club.

Therefore, if you’re looking for an Upoker club, it should be your first stop.

How To Join a Club?

To begin, go to the App Store and search for “Upoker” (or Google Play Store for Android users). Simply open an Upoker account by clicking Download, then installing the poker app.

When you first launch the poker app, the first thing you’ll notice is a search bar on the right side of the main screen. Above, you can see it highlighted in blue. Once you click it, a window will appear requiring the club ID.

Club ID for playing Upoker

Your Upoker agent can provide you with the Club ID, so just go ahead and enter that information here. When that’s done, the club’s name will appear, followed by the word “JOIN.” The only thing left to do is to click the join button. The team has decided to sign you and add you to your agent’s roster.

Overview of Traffic

You deposit or cash out based on the club’s chip conversion rate, which varies by Upoker room. There shouldn’t be any trouble finding a club with plenty of action since most Upoker rooms are PPPoker holdovers. At most Upoker clubs, you can participate in both cash games and tournaments. Action on Upoker’s mobile poker app is just as intense as it is when you’re sitting at home.

You can play mobile poker in an unlimited number of Upoker clubs if you have a dependable agent, so you’re not limited to just one.

Popularity of Upoker

Upoker’s success can be attributed in large part to the fact that it was founded by reputable members of PPPoker.
When compared to more conventional poker sites, Upoker’s rake is reasonable, and the Rakeback offered to players and agents is excellent.
Upoker takes compliance very seriously, so in addition to the standard RNG (Random Number Generator), it also has additional security measures such as GPS tracking, bot detection, IP tracking, collusion detection, and tracker incompatibility.
Being a decentralized app means a wider variety of payment options.
For those who live in nations where playing poker online is frowned upon or is outright forbidden, this is the ideal solution.
Due to the lack of oversight, players incur no financial obligations.

Great Upoker’s User Interface Design

Upoker now has a Windows version in addition to its iOS and Android mobile apps. The elimination of the need for an emulator makes their poker app a fantastic choice for players who like to take part in multiple tables at once. Once inside the UPoker app, you have the option to switch to English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Russian.

The Upoker team has designed a user-friendly, clutter-free club lobby with the players in mind. The Upoker software presents all relevant data in an orderly fashion, making it simple to select a cash game or tournament. The filter is there to help you narrow down your options when picking a dining room table. It is safe to say that the Upoker app has a straightforward design.

Upoker user interface

When the Upoker client is running, you can quickly and easily do all of the aforementioned things plus check your statistics, chip count, and club messages.

It’s worth noting that you can visit four different Upoker clubs at once right now. No need to stress about not having enough time during hands; the interface is great, and you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping track of four tables at once.

Experiences of a 6-Max Online Poker Player Poker: Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha (2020)

How can you maximize your chances of victory in a poker game? Try to analyze it with an axe before chopping down a tree. Guess what the main catch is? Deciding where to play.

My poker career on Upoker began on March 22nd, when I had the luxury of devoting my entire week to the game, with only two weekly trips to the grocery store and the occasional run for exercise and fresh air. Except for those times, I’m usually connected. As the headline suggests, I decided to sign up for Upoker and begin my poker adventure there.

Upoker wasn’t a completely new experience for me after using other mobile poker apps like PPPoker and Pokio. It’s not too dissimilar from those other apps, actually. Let’s rewind to the previous Sunday, when I downloaded the mobile poker app, and I’ll give you my impressions of the games, the traffic, and the poker game experience.

Upoker games: the early stages

So I begin by sending in applications to two separate clubs, Breeds and Poker Hero. In order to play poker whenever and wherever I wanted, I downloaded the Upoker app first on my iPhone 8, and then on my computer. I decide to use a bitcoin transfer for my initial funding.

I should also mention that Beasts Of Poker has guaranteed my deposit in full. That’s a great perk whenever you’re trying out a new bar or poker app on your phone. When the blinds are between 0.3 USD/0.6 USD and 0.6 USD/1.2 USD, I rush to those tables. Several of the players at the tables have VPIP%s in the 60–85% range when I click to view their stats, which is a decent starting point.

Since you can play up to four tables at once in Upoker, I’ve opened a few more in order to increase my hand volume per hour. It’s barely past noon, and already there are fireworks going off in every direction: players are swapping chips, exchanging emojis, and pulling off sick bluffs. The majority of the poker players at Poker Hero are Asian because the club originated in Thailand.

I’m still at the 0.3/0.6, 0.6/1.2, and 0.9/1.8 blind games in the loose Hold’em tournaments. I’ve been losing some big pots all of a sudden. When I have KK against QTo on the flop of Q86r for 170bb each, the turn card is a T, giving my adversary two pairs. Then, with less than 40% of the pot’s effective stacks remaining, I caught a middle set with KQ6cc and 3 bet the flop, only to see the turn flush draw completed.

So, I completely waste my money on that one as well. Even though this is just a random chance and doesn’t prove that Upoker is fixed, it can be a bit trying in Holdem when you’re staring down a long run of bad and mediocre hands before putting your stack in again. Why not give Omaha a shot on Upoker, I ask myself. Finally, we’ve decided on Omaha.

Once I see an empty seat at a table, I rush to claim it. My bad, this is 6-card PLO. There has never been an instance of Omaha with only 6 cards before, but hey, anything can happen in poker. Having lost a stack in the first hand, I continue to play for a while longer. So, I switch over to 5-card PLO, a game I feel reasonably comfortable with.

So, I’m playing HU PLO5 for 0.6/1.2 USD, and a crazy guy joins my table. I also start a ring game with three-handed blinds of $1.5/$3.0. I have a good run this time. I play a few more hands for the rest of the HU before finally calling it a night. I’ve played just about every cash game, so this weekend I’m going to check out the Upoker tournaments!

What sets Upoker apart from the competition (besides straddling, table chat and player stats being visible with one 1-click, all of which are available on competing apps)?

These two characteristics stand out to me as the most crucial:

1. Every street needs its own set of clocks

Even though PPPoker has great games, I never felt like I had enough time to deliberate before making a move. The 15-second timer that Upoker provides for each street is more than sufficient for a mobile poker app. Using a high-quality timer like this, playing at four tables at once is a breeze.

If you want more time to think at the tables, you can upgrade to VIP and gain access to additional time banks.

2. Powerful tab-switching capabilities

With Upoker, you can play four tables at once, which can be quite time-consuming if there are multiple situations developing at different tables at the same time. Where should I focus my efforts? Upoker has fixed this issue by prominently displaying the starting hand at each table.

You can quickly assess whether you need to play a premium starting hand at another table immediately or if you can play out the current hand without risking the loss of a trashy starting hand at the other table if you don’t click anything in time.

At a PLO table, you can also use the pot button on the bet slider, and at a Hold’em table, there’s a “all-in” button. In general, a 6-max Hold’em or Omaha player will find the multi-tabling feature to be superior to the norm.

So, what is my Final verdict of Upoker?

In conclusion, I’d say that Upoker offers a ton of great action and a lot of laughs in one package. Playing Omaha with a full deck is possible, but if you prefer to limit yourself to two cards, plenty of Holdem tables are active even in the middle of the day across Europe. I enjoyed Poker Hero so much that I have never played at the other Upoker club.

If you play regularly, you can earn some respectable weekly rewards. Therefore, Poker Hero, where you can get 40% Rakeback, is the club I recommend as a starting point.

Author: Austin Scott